• A Well-Written Three Point Thesis Statement Example

    If you are writing an essay, you may be struggling with the thesis statement. One of the ways that you can enhance your thesis statement skills is by reviewing multiple thesis statement examples. Examples give you a feel for what other writers have produced. Examples show you what type of language are best. Examples give you a chance to critically review what others have done and to find out what you find works best in convincing you to keep reading.

    If you were convinced to keep reading, then the thesis statement worked.

    The thesis statement is what lays the foundation for your paper. It is where you assert your research question or the purpose of your essay. The thesis statement is contingent upon what type of essay you are writing too.

    • Are you writing a controversial essay where you need to defend a certain stance?
    • Are you providing the reader with an overview of a process or object?
    • Are you analyzing an event?

    Each thesis provides the reader with a preview or layout of what will be contained in the paper. But the message for each type of essay differs ever so slightly.

    For example:

    • If you are writing an argumentative style paper your thesis should tell the reader what stance you have taken and it might give the reader a preview as per what evidence you are going to use.
    • If you are writing an expository style essay then the thesis is going to explain to the reader what they are going to learn in the essay. The purpose of this paper is to expose the reader to a new explanation or detail.
    • If you are writing an analytical essay then your job is to analyze a subject bit by bit. That being said, your goal is to clarify for the reader the object that you are going to break down and analyze bit by big.

    Because the thesis is the central message for your paper, you may need to rewrite it or reconstruct it after you finish writing your paper. It is perfectly normal for your central message to change as you write your final draft. Remember to review the type of essay you are asked to write and think about the purpose of goal. Your thesis statement, no matter the essay, should reflect upon that purpose or goal in a single sentence.

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