• How to Become an Ace in Writing a Short Story?

    If you want to become an ace in writing a short story you need to familiarize yourself with short story writing and take a lot of time to read over the work that others have done. You need to:

    Conduct Great Research

    You should diversify your research. If you want to achieve maximum level of success in your research paper, you need to diversify and not depend solely on the internet. Using library resources such as books, journals and magazines can be instrumental in your research work. By using library based reports and materials, you will be at a good position to verify the information.

    The next thing that you should do is to carefully refine the topic you are working on before. The topic that you are using will have a major impact on your paper. You need to remember that internet has a lot of materials that you can use for any kind of information. If you fail to refine the information correctly, it will give you a lot of problems. You should make up your mind on what you want to research on and what you want to search in the internet.

    Conduct a Thorough Analysis

    When you analyze content you should look for the following:

    What line of thought did the author provide to the field? How did this school of thought work towards enhancement of the reader’s experience? What are the major effects of this writing to the reader in today’s perspective? What about when the book was published? What are the main gaps that were identified by the writer? How can these gaps be filled?

    It is also important to ask yourself an important question on subdividing the books. If you are made to subdivide the book, what sections would they be? To answer this question, read the entire book or paper and understand all the major concepts. Once you have identified these concepts, go ahead and answer the question.

    Double Check Your Work

    After you analysis is done you should check over your work and ask yourself whether you completed your citations and whether you read all of the related material. If not then you need to do that in order to complete the essay. While you are writing your essay there are some things you should consider:

    • Your essay needs to be informative. It should emphasize the work that you are studying rather than opinions about the author. It should only make claims that can be backed with evidence.
    • Your need to provide facts only. Things that you feel or believe do not count as facts. You need to be able to prove your arguments by drawing upon evidence and critical discussions.

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