• How to Write an Essay: Sample Papers Can Come in Handy 

    Writing an essay can be a tricky thing. It can really help to have an example in front of you, especially in cases where you have to write an essay in a specific format and have not done it that way very much or very well. Having a solid example of a good essay in that format can help you to write your essay. It is a simple process.

    How to do it

    • Use the essay format as a template
    • Substitute your information in the correct sections
    • Double check to ensure you have done it all right

    Use the Format as a Template

    A lot of times in school you will be asked to write essays in a certain format with its own rules. There is APA format, MLA format, and even a 5 paragraph essay has a format. You may want to find this type of essay sample and use one as a template for the kind that you have to write. Knowing the rules isn’t always the same as being able to see it done, and done well. This could give you a leg up.

    Substitute in Your Information

    Now that you see what the format should be like, all you have to do is put all of your information for your essay in the right spots, the introductory information in the first paragraph for example. Also, if you need citations or a bibliography, then the template will show you where to put it all in the correct spot. This is a great way to know that you have done it right.   

    Double Check

    Make sure that you have done it all right. Go over the rules for the format again. Ensure that you have done everything and haven’t left anything out. Go through the sample essay and make sure that you followed their example. Once you have done all of this your essay should be good to go.

    Using an example is okay as long as you don’t copy the information in the essay example. You want to use it as a guide not as a cheat sheet. You can learn a lot from the work of someone else and a lot of sites actually have great examples of every kind of essay. You can learn from prime examples of good essays in each format in order to do well yourself.

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