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    Argumentative essay topics

    In this kind of essay you have to provide with an argument stating the pros and cons of your topic of concern. In this essay you have to stand firm on what you want to convince your audience about. Persuasion is the primary objective of this essay.

    The argumentative essay should not be a simple narration of concern related to a topic. As the name of the essay suggests, you have to highlight how this topic is important and why it should be given more attention.

    It is important that you find enough evidence to support your and refute others idea effectively. If you want to write an argumentative essay that has everyone in a state of constant thought then make sure your topic is challenging and that you have a well reasoned argument built and you have enough information to support it with.

    You might be able to find topics for your argumentative essay from reading a newspaper, watching a documentary, reading a fiction or a nonfiction book. You need t be up to date with what is happening around the world so you can write an essay which the readers can relate to at the present time as well.

    Here are a few topics from PaperWritingPros which might be the answer to your prayer:

    • Can global warming be the result of human actions?
    • Should death penalty be supported?
    • Is the democratic Government really democratic?
    • Is the torture now being accepted as a part of life?
    • Is paternity leave required for men?
    • Is the taxation system fair?
    • Are curfews a way through which teens can be kept out of trouble?
    • Can cheating be controlled?
    • Have we become too dependent on technology?
    • Do parents ignore their child’s activity on internet or are they simply unaware?
    • Should animals become the victims for the research or experiments we have to conduct?
    • Shouldn’t cigarettes be banned?
    • Law enforcement cameras and invasion of privacy.
    • Have cell phones affected our social life?
    • Can your test score define you as a bright student?
    • Is getting slim more important than having a healthy lifestyle?
    • Are the CEOs paid too much?
    • Should the age for drinking be decreased or increased?
    • Does age matter when a person is in love?
    • Is Religion a way to get peace or does it cause war?
    • Is fashion more important than comfort?

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