• Writing a 1-Page Essay: 3 Vital Prompts

    Essays are a part of the life of a student, especially if that student is in an English class.  When in English classes, they tend to have to write essays at least weekly.  Some teacher or professors will even require the student to write a one-page essay daily.

    When a student needs to write a one page essay very quickly, whether it’s in class or for homework, they need to have a prompt to get them through the assignment quickly and with ease. Having a prompt will help them jump-start their mind to get the essay done.

    Here are three prompts that will help any student jump-start the one page essay that they need to complete.


    • The first prompt is:  Using only your senses along, describe what you see out the window.

      This is prompt is good to get the student using their senses, so they will be have to work at not telling but rather to show an event.  This prompt can really get the student to think about how to show a moment or scene.  It’s a good exercise for a student who will go on to write short stories or novels.

    • The second prompt is: Discuss a book you’ve read in one page.

      This prompt will make the student think analytically about a book and discuss the concepts in it in a clear and concise manner. Since the essay is limited to one page the student will have to be very precise language.  This is an exercise in making the language count. This is good for a student who will write in sciences or math.

    • The third prompt is: Pick on item in the room and describe only it.

      This prompt is an exercise in description.  Because they student is limited to one page and only one object they have to really get creative.  When done properly this essay can become a very creative piece about how the world relies on that object.  This is good for the student who will have to write for the arts.

    These prompts can help any student write a one-page essay.  For the student who needs just a bit of help to start an essay these ideas can get their mind working and find the right words to complete the prompt.  Using any of these prompts will help the student to get the wheels turning and create an essay that they are proud of.

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