• The Fall Of Rome

    The fall of Rome is considered one of the major Historic events ever. At the bank of Tiber River was Rome. Rome rose from a very small town to one of the most civilized societies in the world today. Rome was known for art, science and philosophy especially at King Alexander’s time. After his demise, however, Rome was left under Commandos. There was a lot of suffering in Rome during this time. The era saw the split of Rome for selfish gains by the Commandos. One Etruscan was in charge in Rome in 750 BC. The Etruscans were however defeated in 500 BC by the Latin. Rome later built up and acquired military strength resulting from war involvement with the Greece, Finish and Carthage. Rome had the aim of increasing their political boundaries for the sake of the people of Rome.

    Fundamental sects in Rome

    There were two groups of classification of people in Rome, according to social status. Those of the higher status were the Senate while the ordinary people were known as the Plebeians. The Monarchy government system only favored the Senate. The rule led to oppression and molestation of the Plebeians. This oppression made the people dissatisfied with the system of governance in Rome. It became one of the factors that led to the failure and fall of Rome.

    Factors that contributed to the fall of Rome

    The fall of Rome is a significant historical event. It is attributed to several factors. The efforts of Rome to expand political boundaries were considered to be greed by other countries. This led to a major war that became one of the factors that resulted in the fall of Rome in 510 AD. The war was one of the factors that led to the failure of the empire to survive. The monarchy type of government in Rome was not appreciated by the people. Molestation and suppression of the citizens by the government was not acceptable to the people of Rome. This thus contributed to the fall of Rome due to constant resistance. One other unfortunate incident is attributed to the failure and fall of the Roman empire. The suicide incident of a woman in the higher social status was allegedly molested by the son to the king of the Roman empire. This incident was unfortunate and contributed to the fall of the Rome. The incident led to reforms that saw Rome into a Republican rule.

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