• A Manual for Composing Good College Narrative Essay Topics

    At different stages of the educational process, learners are asked to express their thoughts and ideas about certain things in writing. The most common form of such tasks is an essay that can be any of several types: expository (the writer explains some idea or problem), persuasive (the writer tries to persuade the reader that a certain idea is the best one), and research essay (the author tries to analyze, examine, and interpret different aspects of a certain problem). Narrative essays belong to the expository type, and presuppose writing about certain events or experiences that had impacts on the writers. They are usually in first person narratives, and contain elements such as story line, characters, setting, climax, and denouement.

    The tasks given by the teacher for this mode of expository essays are often fuzzy. The most typical formulations are: “Write about the most important event in your life,” or “Write about the most memorable event in your life.” When students see these formulations, they are sometimes puzzled by the broadness and possible interpretations, and make the wrong choice for their topics.

    If you want to avoid making such mistakes, follow the steps in this manual.

    • Narrow down the list of events from your life to one. Make sure you choose the most memorable one. Such events are usually connected with intense emotions, either positive or negative, so you will be able to explain them to the reader and get him or her involved. However, avoid writing about a deeply personal experience you would not like to share.
    • Think about the most intriguing title. Narrative essays are like stories, so their titles are short and catchy. They usually contain nouns and adjectives. Choose the most striking phrase, and then shorten it like a newspaper article.
    • Use emotionally loaded words. All narrative essays that tell stories from personal experiences are based on certain emotions, so your topic should reflect this. Superlative degrees of comparison are often used in such topics.

    If you follow the aforementioned steps and study the following list of possible narrative essay topics, you are sure to come up with your own winning one.

    1. The day when I got lost.
    2. The most memorable trip.
    3. The greatest lesson I have had.
    4. The worst day of my life.
    5. The best memory of my childhood.
    6. My first memory.
    7. The most embarrassing event in my life.
    8. My first day in the college dorms.
    9. The most difficult choice of my life.
    10. The story of my scar.

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