• Finding One Paragraph Essay Examples on the Web

    Achieving simplicity is complicated work. You have to know something very well and very deeply before you can briefly express it in broad strokes. Writing an essay consisting of a single paragraph is not as simple as it sounds. In the traditional 5-paragraph essay, there is ample room to introduce, narrate, and conclude your discussion; whereas in a 1-paragraph essay you have to be short and crisp yet express your thought completely. It is training in brevity and simplicity; which is harder than expansion and complexity. Looking for essay examples online is both easy and hard at once. Why? The reason is that although you will find thousands of “examples,” fewer will be truly exemplary. Still, the web is the best place to look for one. You can be a smart searcher if you can spot the right resources.

    • Look for websites and blogs that provide links to other websites displaying quality one-paragraph essay examples. This step alone can go a long way in finding you the right sample.
    • Do not be hasty; go through a few sites and examples before you decide on the best one.
    • Students’ forums are THE place to go for references. You will find users who have done what you are doing and they can point you in the direction of a good website or agency. Some members are generous enough to share an example they have found useful. Make the most of peer advice.
    • University and college websites are a good place to look as well. You are sure to find some very well written works on these sites. The downside is that these are likely to be in the 5-paragraph format.
    • School, college or university archives have past essays that can be helpful. The problem is that there are too many of them in the databank.
    • If you are looking to find a unique one-paragraph essay and are thinking about using some help writing one, you can find a good agency online that specializes in helping with homework assignments. This is tricky business, considering it IS business. The same advice applies here: Go to a website that lists good agencies, or find a forum where users can guide you. A good agency will be able to provide you with all the help you need. Some of the services offered are free of cost. Other services will require you to pay a fee.

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