• Segregation In American Schools

    The ratio of colored students going to school in America has been seen to improve every year. This is with the change in the times. Today the percentage of white kids to the total children in American schools is slightly above fifty percentages. This is better compared to eighty percent that was the case in the 1970s. The gap has been closed and things are almost level. However, there is a worse case that still needs attention. The issue of integration in American schools is still wanting. There is a lot of segregation drawn between lines of race and wealth. Most of the white kids go to better schools where the number of white kids is above the seventy-fifth percentile. The Latino and the Blacks are segregated. They have to go to other low schools where the poor American kids go. Even in these schools, the colored students account for more than double the number of poor white children. This is the worst problem that is facing America’s high schools.

    Access to Resources

    The white kids go to better schools that have all the required facilities. This places them at an excellent advantage than the colored kids in other low schools. These schools have highly trained well-qualified teachers attending to them. This is a complete opposite of what happens in the low schools that house a majority of the black and poor kids. These low schools sometimes lack enough teachers and those present are overworked despite being unqualified. This puts the education system in a spotlight. Students are denied equal access to resources but are expected to perform to an equal magnitude as their counterparts who have got everything at their disposal.

    Government Interventions

    The government has not said anything that is aimed at making things better. Most people were waiting for President Obama to promise to address this issue during his previous campaign. No person talked a thing about it. This is a problem that warrants speedy address. These low schools give results that are some decades behind. This does not however mean that the kids in these schools are not bright. They are bright but are not given a leveled playing field. This is a problem that will keep the education system of America behind if it is not addressed. It will not encourage the diversity that is so much required in the world outside school. This will affect the economy of America indirectly.

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