• Learn How to Write an Analysis Essay: Where to Get a Proofread Example

    When searching for a template that will help you write your analysis essay, your best bet would be to get a previously written essay that’s already been proofread and finalized. You can get one of these from:

    • Academic writing companies
    • College writing centres
    • Some private tutors who keep them on hand

    However, if you want to check that your analysis essay example is properly written, use the following criteria to give it a general check:

    • The what, why, and how
    • A good analysis essay will always examine the ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘how’ of your topic. When looking at an example of one, make sure it is obvious that the writer shows this in his or her writing. The point of analyzing something is to raise pertinent questions about it, and then to answer those questions with purposeful investigation and solid facts.

    • Style and purpose
    • An important feature to look out for in a good analysis essay example is the style of writing that has been utilized. Look for a paper that is written professionally and with purpose. This means that the writer had a goal he or she was trying to reach. It’s not enough to just analyze; you must analyze in order to develop a theory that can be proved through your observations.

    • Healthy connections to other materials
    • Do yourself a favour and get an example that is full of other references. Look for quotes from other researchers in the field and make sure the writer of your example has linked his or her material to other authoritative publications.

    • A developed statement
    • Keep in mind that whatever the writer has stated, he or she must be able to support it with ample evidence. This is an often neglected dimension in analysis essays so try to remember this when looking for an example as well as when writing your own.

    • Teaching the reader something
    • If the writer of your essay example hasn’t taught you anything you didn’t already know, then use this as a definitive gauge that it has failed in its purpose. The example you choose should be a lesson in the topic that enlightens the mind to something previously obscure.

    Use these as a shopping list of sorts when searching for the right analysis essay example. Doing so will ensure the quality of your own.

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