• Argumentative Essay Topics: Getting Fresh Ideas for Free

    A writer’s block is a real thing. Here is a free list of ideas for an argumentative essay you can expand on:

    • Nanotechnologies can increase our lifespan and save us from all the deadly diseases of today.
    • Which style of music is most likely to take up the popular throne in the next decade?
    • Is it fair for women to have more responsibility on jobs while having fewer benefits?
    • Obesity can be prevented and reversed by teaching people basic knowledge about food and cooking.
    • How to enforce international justice without causing deaths of innocent people?
    • Is clothing and the way we dress today affecting the way we see ourselves as a society?
    • Will we witness the human kind switching to green energy in this century?
    • Killing living creatures – where is the line of acceptable?
    • Are humans capable of existing successfully without creating an empire or living under the constant global rule of a minority?
    • Is there a possibility for a human to have superpowers as described by popular children’s literature and movies?
    • The best thing to change about the existence of mankind today, if possible, would be banning global lies and dangerously misleading information on the media.
    • Atheism makes less sense logically, than being a follower of any existing major religion in the world.
    • In what ways are we fundamentally different from the world’s major societies of the ancient times?
    • What is the real difference between advertisement and propaganda on television?
    • What biggest things should we hope to achieve as a species in the foreseeable future?
    • Would it be better to live without money in the world?
    • What are the most dangerous influences to protect your child from in the modern urban setting?
    • Having good musical hearing gives you a lot more than just the ability to enjoy and play music.
    • There are good things children can learn from shooters and other modern videogames.
    • Should there be such a thing as humor police?
    • Should you let your child learn to rely so much on technology and the World Wide Web to get them through the day?
    • Is TV entertainment lowering the collective IQ or is it stimulating the masses?
    • Living in harmony with the planet is the only possible reality for humans in 80 years.
    • Living in the countryside is the best gift you could receive from yourself.
    • Should substance abuse be decriminalized and should people be allowed to do anything in the privacy of their own homes?

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