• Choosing Great Essay Topics For High School Students

    Educators agree that one of the most effective ways to encourage students to approach writing assignments with enthusiasm is to present them with original and interesting topics on which they can express themselves uniquely, while exercising the writing skills and techniques they’ve picked up in class. So it’s important to have a topic list handy for any type of assignment. Here are some good suggestions:

    1. Should contraceptives be available to students in high schools? Does parents’ consent play a role in this ever becoming legislature?
    2. What is the impact of the largest minority group (Latin Americans) in the US on its economy? How does this explain political decisions in the last 20 years?
    3. Should the wealthiest nations in the world distribute their wealth evenly among the poorest nations in the world?
    4. How are people’s diets influenced by cultural and religious beliefs? What can be said about increasing rate of obesity in the U.S. and the role cultural and religious factors have?
    5. Do images of photo-shopped celebrities affect the general self-image consciousness of teens in society today? Or is the argument largely based on the perception of a small sample size?
    6. Ever since nuclear weapons were invented, we’ve experienced a relatively long period of peace and stability. Are nuclear weapons peacekeepers or are they killing devices waiting to ignite?
    7. Should the morning-after pill be available in the U.S.? What kinds of road blocks – e.g., social or moral – do you see opposing approval?
    8. How big of a problem is cyberbullying at your school or community? Does this kind of bullying occur in certain areas more than others?
    9. What evidence is there suggesting that violent video games lead to violence in real life? What evidence exists to debunk this belief?
    10. How do social pressures of planning and having a funeral affect the high costs of associated with the industry?
    11. What are the health benefits or risks of caffeine in your diet? Are there ranges that cause different health effects?
    12. Should schools consider introducing tablet computers as a primary learning tool in the classroom?
    13. Should the United States continue to spend billions annually on the space program or should this be opened up exclusively to the private sector?
    14. Do high schools spend too much time preparing students for standardized tests rather than spend time instilling important life and professional skills?

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