• Help Me Create A Biographical Profile Essay: Boosting Skills

    The biographical profile essay is one where you write about the life of a person who lived or is living. You write about their personality, achievements, major events in their life, key character traits and so on. Depending on the person you are writing about, you will have a lot of information to sift through. For example, a President of the United States.

    Choose a person whose life is very appealing to you. Carefully select which major points you want to cover. Being a biographical profile, you should write about some of the well-known and published details. You should also sprinkle in some little-known and interesting facts to keep the reader wanting more.

    Ways to boost your skills as an essay writer

    Some useful hints and tips to become better at essay writing include:

    • Try pre-writing. In this step, you make notes about what you already know on your subject. Use point form for easy reference. As you go about your research, add to your list. This gives you a great resource to use for making your outline.
    • Look at your list and write down some questions you would like answered. This will help give you direction.
    • What decisions can you make about your subject’s personality? What were their values? What connection is there between their personality traits and their role in history?
    • Write your thesis statement. Now that you know a considerable amount about the person, you can make an arguable statement that asserts your opinion.
    • Follow known patterns for essay writing. For example, when writing your biographical profile essay, use the basic steps of introduction, 3 to 5 paragraphs for the body, and then conclusion. Each body paragraph should be a main point of your essay.
    • Write rough drafts and improve each one before finalizing your last draft. With each stage in the writing process comes improvement in your writing skills.

    Putting your biographical profile essay together

    Once you’ve written down your basic notes and organized them, it’s a good idea to make them into an outline. Many students may think this is just a waste of time and doesn’t serve any purpose. This is a huge mistake. There are four benefits to taking the time to write an outline. They are:

    1. It helps you focus your attention and decide what needs to be written.
    2. It helps you achieve a smooth and logical flow.
    3. It brings balance to your writing and allows you to see if anything needs to be altered or moved around.
    4. Completeness – the outline can show you if you’re missing any information and need to do some more research.

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