• Searching For Compare And Contrast Essay Examples About Nike VS Adidas

    As part of a compare and contrast essay, you will need to look at two different topics, and examine any similarities and differences between them. For example, if you are comparing Nike and Adidas, then there are several different things that you may wish to look at, with some of the possibilities listed below.

    • Compare different items of clothing produced by the two brands
    • One of the first things you may wish to start looking at is any similarities or differences between the clothing produced by the two brands. You will probably find that they both produced fairly similar items of clothing, such as sports shoes, tracksuits, T-shirts and wide variety of other clothing products. However, as well as looking at any similarities, you may wish to point out any differences, particularly relating to the way in which the products might be made.

    • Compare sponsorship deals relating to the two companies
    • Another area that you may wish to look at is the similarities and differences between any sponsorship deals that the two companies have set up. You will most likely look at deals between the two clothing giants and any sports clubs or sports stars.

      You may wish to look at differences between how much each deal is worth, as well as how long they run for. You may also concentrate on what kind of individuals or sports clubs each company tries to work with, as well as who they try to appeal to.

    • Compare revenue and profit margins
    • Another topic you may wish to consider is the differences and similarities between any profit and revenue related to both companies. You may wish to look at which company earns more, and how much money they make from different countries.

      In fact, you may also wish to look at how much each company charges for different products. You will most likely notice various similarities between the prices, though there will be plenty of differences as well.

    • Compare public opinion surrounding both brands
    • An interesting way of comparing the two companies would be to look at public opinion. For example, you can see what the public thinks in terms of any ethical work treatments used by both companies or, alternatively, you can see what the public thinks of the products that are produced by both of these clothing businesses.

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