• What Is Essay Format: Simple Guidelines For Dummies

    Formatting an essay can be broken down into a few simple steps. It is important to format an essay into the proper style in order to keep from losing points. The idea is to write an informative essay in the proper format. This article will cover some simple guidelines to formatting an essay.

    Essay Formatting for Dummies

    • Introduction
    • 1st supporting point
    • 2nd supporting point
    • 3rd supporting point
    • Conclusion
    • Works cited or reference page

    Most essays are broken down into five paragraphs with the first paragraph announcing the topic and point of view on the subject. For research papers, this is where the thesis would be stated. The first sentence should be sharp, or catchy, to help draw the audience in. If the first sentence does not catch the audience’s attention, usually the reader loses interest and finds the paper boring. The first paragraph would also briefly cover three supporting points to prove your thesis, or support your topic. The next three paragraphs would focus on each supporting point of view.

    The second paragraph would focus on one of the supporting points and why it supports your theory. This is not a personal opinion; it is information that has credible sources to support your theory on the topic. None of the three paragraphs in the body will be personal opinions. The third paragraph would cover a second point that supports the topic. It will only focus on how it supports the topic. The third paragraph would be the same, it would have a third point supporting the topic and why it supports the topic.

    The last paragraph will be the conclusion; this is a brief summary of the entire essay. It will restate your thesis, or topic, and then restate the three supporting points. The conclusion will give you a chance to state personal opinions. The conclusion will cover the three supporting points, personal opinions, and have a catchy ending that will attract the audience. The last page will have all of the sources you gathered your information from listed in alphabetical order.

    The five paragraph essay format is the most common format used in essay writing. Following these simple steps will help you properly format your essay. Be sure to ask your facilitator if there are any extra guidelines that need to be followed to avoid losing points. Some facilitators prefer a certain font or a certain font size.

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