• How to Start Essay Writing: Decide on Your Topic

    Writing essays is a great skill to have. But it takes time and patience to get really good at it. A lot of students fall down at the very first hurdle: picking the right topic. If you’re struggling to get through your essays and you’re finding it difficult to even begin, then read on. We’ve got you covered with these helpful tips:

    1. Pick the One for You
    2. Pick the One that’s Different
    3. Pick the One that’s Interesting
    4. Pick the One You Know

    • Pick the One for You
    • Picking a topic that you have a keen interest in can make or break or essay. If you’re finding writing essays tough, maybe you’ve been picking topics you’re not really that into. Stop listening to your friends, stop trying to impress your professor or your family or whoever; pick the one that you want to do.

    • Pick the One that’s Different
    • Don’t go for some generic topic with no soul. Instead, go for a topic that stands out, go for one that’s gutsy and takes balls to write about. You don’t want to fall into the crowd and become another anonymous face. Instead, stand out and be counted as a risk taker, someone who dares to be different.

    • Pick the One that’s Interesting
    • Try and find a topic that’s interesting. If you’re uncomfortable standing quite that far out from the crowd, then at least choose something that sounds mildly interesting. Remember, your readers are human too and if you find the topic boring then chances are they will too. It doesn’t have to be the most incredible essay in the world ever, it just has to be that little bit quirky, that little bit niche.

    • Pick the One You Know
    • Don’t try and smash your way through an essay you have no prior knowledge about. Obviously you will always learn something new from the process of writing, and that’s ok. But it shouldn’t all be entirely new to you. You should start off on your best foot with a decent understanding of the idea. Otherwise you’ll spend most of your time getting to grip with the material. You want to hit the ground running, so pick something you know at least a little about and then get to researching. Find the topic that suits you, and write on.

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