• A Step-By-Step Manual Explaining how to Write a Process Paper

    The best process papers are written by people who know how to do what they are explaining. Just picking any topic for your process writing assignment won’t lend the project as much authority as it will if you choose something you know a lot about.

    However, the following steps will give you an idea of how to write an acceptable process essay about any topic:

    • Start off by planning
    • Take a blank piece of paper and write down the various steps needed to explain your process. Don’t worry about the order yet; just list them as you think of them and make sure you cover every aspect.

    • Write a rough draft
    • Now you can write a rough draft of your process paper. Remember to include your introduction, a list of materials needed for the project, the relevant steps in the order they are to be actioned, and a detailed description of each process.

    • Step 1: Introduction
    • Your introduction will be short and to the point. Explain to your reader what you will help him or her accomplish and how accomplishing it will benefit them.

    • Step 2: Make a note of what is needed
    • Draw up a comprehensive list of all the materials and tools your reader will need to perform the process. If something you mention has the possibility of being unfamiliar, give a short explanation of what it is and why your reader will need it.

    • List your steps to create an outline
    • As a further planning exercise for your process paper, list the process steps in the order they will be performed. Just write the headings and, if applicable, the step number to accompany it. Use your draft as a template for doing this and make sure you don’t leave out anything, no matter how seemingly insignificant it is to you.

    • Step 3: Give instructions for following the steps
    • Now you can fill in the content for each heading. Go into as much detail as you can and make sure your instructions flow in a logical order. Once you’re done with the general content, go over your paper one more time to check for mistakes.

    Similar to a cooking recipe, a process paper should entail a basic list of ingredients (materials) and steps on how to mix them all together (steps). Follow the above guide and see how easy it can actually be.

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