• Creating A Top-Quality Definition Essay: An Outline

    A definition essay differs from a descriptive essay in terms of seriousness. While a descriptive piece may cater to scenery; an occurrence or even a trait; a definition piece generally resorts to an ideology; a principle, a lifestyle.

    • Systematic rendition
    • A top quality definition essay floors you with its rendition. All your suspicions and confusions are systematically whisked away with a piece of decisive writing. It takes planes from various sources to fly off the handle.

    • An example
    • For instance, if you are defining Communism; you have to go to its origin. You have to produce how the crafty sentiments of Marx and Engels produced the seeds of Marxism which sprouted shoots to form Communism. You have to explain how it was strengthened to the core by Mao Tse Tung and how it was spread across the planet through the urgencies of USSR and China into places like Cuba.

    • Patterns and reflections
    • You then have to place the patterns, pros and cons of the ideology in your essay. You have to measure its growth and sustenance in respect to other ideologies such as Capitalism and Socialism. You have to present the emphasis it generated through prominent leaders like Fidel Castro. You also have to methodize the market impact.

    • Serial progression
    • A quality definition essay should serially reach its conclusion; charting every territory precisely. All the nooks and crannies should be elegantly described in an uncolored way. You can take help of analogies and junctures which may have turned the theme on its head; had something else happened rather than the thing which actually happened. History is written by prejudiced victors; definition essay should be written by an unprejudiced writers.

    • Cutting uncharted corners
    • You should sneak into the topic to find out areas which have rarely been covered. You should find out the relevant portions related to those areas and bring them to light. This is what produces breakthroughs. The Stem Cell Theory is an exciting example of the same.

    • Generate curiosity
    • Remember that the reader might not be encouraged to go through the whole work if the introduction is not catchy and enticing. You have to generate curiosity right from the start with a promise that you have delivered a gemstone in the genre; hitherto unseen. Therein, the craft of the writer comes to the fore. Without a lucid style of writing, even a brilliant idea can wreck itself against rocks and succumb.

      Lend your writing a definitive edge. The work will follow automatically.

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