• Writing Essays: 4 Important Rules to Know

    In writing any essay, there are many rules to follow, some are more important, because of their effect. All the base rules are important to the quality, but these four rules are important to the value of the paper. Actually, there are five of these rules, the fifth being to make the conclusion purposeful. But the four this article will cover, are; making the introduction attracting, writing a focused body, quality examples, and add your own voice. All of these make the value of the essay high, and that is what the student wants.

    1. Attracting Introduction
    2. Focused Body
    3. Quality Examples
    4. Add Your Own Voice

    Attracting Introduction

    If the introduction does not attract the reader to want to read, the value of the essay drops greatly. The first line should do all the heavy work, then the rest has to follow it up, equally. Using techniques that can draw attention from potential readers. Techniques like a; dramatic opening, a thought provoking question, a statement, or even in some cases, a joke. It depends on the type of essay as to what combination is open to the writer.

    Focused Body

    Once the body has been reached, or the summaries should already have been done. Now it is time to get focused. Every sentence, and every paragraph, has to be focused on what is being talked about. They have to be properly cited and referenced, and solid statements need to flow throughout the body of the essay. There cannot be any iffy statements, even if there are no solid conclusions. On subjects that have no conclusive findings, need to be stated and cited, so there is no question as to the fact.

    Quality Examples

    When an example is used, make sure it is done effectively. By this, it is meant that it has to show exactly, what the essay is talking about at that point. Research the examples to find the most recent, and most direct connection to the statement it is being used with. Do not use an example that has an indirect connection to the statement.

    Add Your Own Voice

    An essay that is just quoted from other sources, is not very interesting. One that uses quotes, and examples, from other sources to back up the writer’s own thoughts, gets more attention. Why? Because it is a scholarly view from the writer. The reader wants to see what the writer is thinking, even if they disagree. They would rather have the courtesy of respect to see what the writer actually thinks, instead of other people.

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