• A Quick Guide To Creating A World History Compare And Contrast Essay

    World history is quite a wide and complicated area. If you need to compose a winning compare and contrast essay in this area, you definitely need a quick and effective guide through such projects, in general.

    • In order to compose a winning compare and contrast project, you need to choose two objects, situations, events, personalities, etc. from the world history and find out whether they have enough features in common alongside the ones that make these two objects different. Choose the features that can be interesting to your readers, attracting their attention from the very start and keeping them interested through the whole project.
    • Analyze the topic or the question that you have been asked. Find out the main idea that determines what is expected from you. Though you will definitely feel the temptation to dive deep in the investigation, try to keep in mind this main idea and avoid distraction of attention from the several main points.
    • You should never start writing from the very beginning point of any essay, which is an intro. You’d better begin with the body, and only after you are through with the comparison and analysis, you can move on to the conclusion, and then to the introduction. In fact, the intro is your paraphrased conclusions. However, you should be very attentive and avoid repeating the same phrases.
    • Remember that whatever episodes of the world history you choose for your compare and contrast project, there are several effective methods of comparison. Look through them and find out which one suits you better. You can describe all the chosen features of one object and then do the same for the other one. You can describe similar features of both the objects together and then give attention to the features that make them different. Finally, you can compare and contrast each feature of one object to the features of the other one. Make sure that you have said everything you wanted and planned to say. Your goal is to provide your readers with a project that sounds complete, without making them want to look for more information.
    • Avoid empty conclusions like “WWII and WWI are similar but different”. Such phrases can spoil the whole impression of the compare and contrast essay. The conclusion should not look like a simple enumeration of the statements that can be found in the body. If you have a strong argument or a point of view, make sure that you have mentioned it in the conclusion.

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