• How Do You Write A Conclusion For A Comparative Essay: Basic Advice

    Great essayists always have a thing in common. In as much as they are capable of grabbing the attention of readers, they always know how to release an audience from concentration at the end of their writing. Basically, a good story should not stop. A good story ends. Well, in academic, there are different types of papers which a student is supposed to partake on and ne such is comparative papers. These types of literary pieces are arguably some of the easiest to write but it is surprising that still, some students find them a hard knuckle. The most definite question is; why? Classroom work is not always enough to make you a great writer and there are many reasons for this but the obvious one is that not everyone is a fast learner. While others would quickly grasp the concept of writing which includes coming up with a great outline, others simply can’t afford to master everything. Such are the students who need some extra reading or guidance to be at par with their best fellows. In this article, how to write a conclusion for a comparative essay is discussed through different lenses, so let’s take a sneak preview.

    Paraphrasing your thesis

    This would get one wondering because thesis is an introductory element but let’s get it clearly. Paraphrasing denotes summarizing in simpler and understandable terms. At the introduction, a thesis statement is often quite generalized and so, when doing a conclusion for a comparative essay, it is always important to echo your main theme.

    Articulating Author’s opinion

    As you compose an essay that explores similarities and differences of an issue, you will always take a stand based on the weighty issues under discussion. In this regard, coming out neutral would leave your essay hanging and in so doing, you story may just end up hanging on incomplete. In this regard, it is imperative to express your views forthright.

    An ending for a lasting impression

    Apart from the introduction, an essay ending can always have a great impact on the reader’s retention value. In fact, an ending of a literary piece can supplement a rather boring start but only if it is done right. This is phenomenal with many essays including comparative ones. In view of this, use of imagery or a quote which has strong bearing with the topic can make a good ending.

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