• Sexually Transmitted Disease

    A sexually transmitted disease is something that you can catch from having unprotected sex. It can be a virus that can come in various forms like saliva, semen, vaginal secretions or blood, and you want to work to ensure that you don't get one of these because some of them are irreversible. For example, while tye are commonly referred to as STDs, they can include things like syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, HPV, herpes, and AIDS or HIV.


    As people are active and engaged in many forms of intimacy with one another, if they don't use protection, then the chances increase of them being able to contract a disease like this. As the penis enters the vagina, or even in instances where foreplay and oral stimulation are taking place, then the rate of disease may be higher without protection. That's why it is important to ensure that you're using something like a condom, or a dental dam, and only doing foreplay. The premise behind this is if there is no actual penetration and there's no exchange of bodily fluids, you are actually being safer in your intimacy and you don’t have to worry as much that you are doing something that can lead to penetration. It is usually the breaking of a skin barrier or exchange of bodily fluids that can end up harming your body with an STD that can be reversible for the rest of your life like Herpes or HIV.


    Being promiscuous is something that is common with younger adults, like college age students and early teens, who are curious and want to enjoy the arousal that they're feeling and experiencing, but they don't understand as they get older that you still have to ensure that you use the appropriate measures to have a safe and enjoyable time.


    Other areas where this can be more prevalent and reason for concern, include areas like Africa, where there are high instances of men who don't use protection, or even part of Thailand and Brazil, where risque activity is more prevalent. Also, in areas like India, there are extremely high cases of HIV as it relates to rape and encounters with men, as they have a high poverty rate and lack of strong hospitals, clinics and awareness programs implemented. That's why you have to ensure, no matter where you live, that you protect your body, that you're careful about drinking and not ingesting something that could be harmful to you, like a date rape drug, and also that you work to protect your body to ensure that you don't exchange bodily fluids with someone unless you know that they have been tested and are safe to be around.

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