• Writing A Profile Essay On A Person: Helpful Recommendations From An Expert

    The profile essay written about a person is a very unique type of writing designed to serve two functions. The first is an interview of the person in question and the second is a profile which you write based upon the interview. The goal of this is to create a biographical sketch which provides your reader with a sense of the character, appearance, behavior, and accomplishments of the person in question. You want to cover all of those areas within your interview by not only observing the answers that they provide but also asking the right questions and observing the individual physically as they answer the questions. This will give you some insight into their characteristics and mannerisms. But in order for you to create an effective profile on an individual you have to focus on one attribute that you think is very interesting or that you think your readers will want to know more about. Whatever your subject is the purpose is to make sure you bring out this feature were unique attributes that you think is most fascinating.

    1. The first recommendation for crafting this particular type of assignment is to determine your questions for the interview before you get to the interview. You want to make sure you've already conducted rudimentary background research on the individual and their personal and professional accomplishments. If you read in a magazine they have one particular hobby such as golf, you can use that information to generate a question related to that hobby or to determine if that hobby is truly one of their current hobbies. Having this information will help you to direct your questions much better.
    2. The second recommendation is to start off your actual writing with an introductory biographical sketch. Your introductory paragraph should not just function as a hook but it should also give answers to the who, what, where, when, and why questions.
    3. The third step is to use your inverted pyramid organizational schemes. List the background information and all of the supporting details you have in order of importance from those which you deem to be most important all the way down to the least important. Your reader will want to know the most important facts at the beginning of the final draft and this doubles as the hook.
    4. Make sure that you open your story with a sentence that answers all of the questions your readers going to have and make sure that you have an effective conclusion which recaps all of the high points in a slightly different manner and includes a personal quotation or insight.

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