• What Is An Outline For An Essay And How To Do It Right

    An outline for an essay can help you in many ways.  You create an outline when you are preparing to write the essay.  This can be done before or after you do your research or you could actually do one for both.  One before to get ideas for researching and on after that is composed of all the information that you gathered while researching the topic, either way an outline will prepare you for writing an essay.

    An outline is designed to layout all of the information on your topic and to let you see how your essay will be set up and if you are missing anything like facts to back up your topic or if you topic is a good one.  Writing an outline is one of the best ways that you can ensure that your essay will be great.

    How To Do It Right

    • When you are making an outline is really doesn’t matter how you set it up unless you have to hand it in with your essay, then you going to want to make sure you use the template that you are given for the assignment.  But if you don’t have to write it a certain way then you can set it up however, I would recommend separating each sections into paragraph information.  Start with the introduction, then the body paragraphs (usually about three of them), and then the conclusion.  Put your topic and thesis at the top before you start outlining your paragraphs.
    • Take your notes that you got from research and start to outline.  Start with the introduction, you can do full sentences or brief descriptions under the main title of this section.  Put them in the order they will be written in your essay.  Do this with the body and conclusion sections as well.  If you use full sentences in your outline, it will be easier to write your essay after your done.
    • The basic outline template looks like this but you can change it any way your want to help you write your essay.
      1. Introduction: Thesis Statement

        Main Point 1

        Main Point 2

        Main Point 3


      2. Topic Sentence 1


        Details and Examples

        Details and Examples


        Details and Examples

        Details and Examples

        Do this one two or more times depending on what you word count is on your essay.

      3. Conclusion:

        Summary points

        Reinstatement of thesis statement

        Final comments or further research

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