• How To Write A Rogerian Argument Essay - Free Tips And Examples

    You may have heard debates in which two people taking adverse sides may be talking on the same line. The virtue of finding a common ground is what is suitably defined by a Rogerian argument. A classic example is the status of homework. Some say that it should be banned; others say it should hold its current strictness. A middle ground, meanwhile, is always possible.

    A range of topics

    There can be several topics which may fall in the category; racism, celibacy; capital punishment; euthanasia; gambling regulation being only a few of them. While writing a Rogerian argument essay, you should take the following factors in consideration.

    • Don’t be too incisive – You should not take a side with vehemence or on a promise. You should leave some scope for flexibility, so that you can move to the other side seamlessly. The tone should be tempered. Of course, the topic should merit it.
    • Be yielding – Be ready to listen to what the other has to say and then use your brains to draw a joining wedge. You cannot afford to be rigid with your stance; there is definite pleasure in taking a yielding approach. Inspect – Think of what may happen if the other side became prominent. There sure is some good things related to that event. Inspect on that premise and then ask the other to draw a compromise (not literally, but in the write-up).
    • Give readers space – Allow readers to breathe and take in the highs and lows of both faces of the argument. Let them decide how to take the strong points from both dispositions. You should give them the direction as to what to pick and what to ignore.
    • Pick relevant points – Make sure you pick relevant arguments and counter-arguments. Otherwise you will hardly be able to evoke sentiments resorting to both sides. Also, your effort should appear pro-active, as if you are forward-deployed to take a middle path.

    A glorious attribute

    There is one glorious attribute to Rogerian argument. It is impartial in every detail and therefore can take an ultra-objective line. There is no prejudice ingrained in its existence. You should make it the buzzword of your essay and drive home your points of compromise from there.

    The popularity of Buddhism has made us light up to the fact that there is merit in taking the Middle Path. Yes, you have to be grounded with the topic to draw a flexible road.

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