• How To Rewrite A Free Essay To Make It Plagiarism-Free

    There are a ton of writing samples available to you online and some of them are very well written but you can’t download a sample and put your name on it or you will get in trouble for plagiarizing. But there is a way that you can get away with it if you rewrite the essay in your own words. This isn’t very ethical either but at least it will be in your own words. Here is the easiest way that you can change the words and turn it in without getting in trouble for plagiarizing it.

    How To Rewrite An Essay

    • Believe it or not but there are websites out there that will spin work for you. They are called article spinners and they will take text that is already been written and spin it into a new piece of work. I’m not sure how well these things work but they are at least worth a try and make sure you use a good plagiarism checker to make sure that none of it is plagiarized.
    • Read over the entire piece and then start writing it in your own words one sentence at a time. After reading the entire thing, you will have a good idea of what it is about and where you can write stuff about the topic. You can change each sentence and also switch it up a bit so it won’t get flagged for plagiarism.
    • If you are having problems getting enough information from one sample try finding a couple that are all on the same subject. This will give you more information to work with. If you use a little bit from each piece and write it in your own words then you will minimize the chances of it being plagiarized.

    Rewriting a free essay that you found online may seem like the easiest way to get your work done but after having to read over all of this information in the free samples, you could have just done the research yourself and written it yourself. If you are going to do this much work to cheat on your essay, you might as well just do the work yourself and write it yourself. This will also ensure that you essay won’t be plagiarized and you will have accomplished it on your own. Alternatively, you may get help from the professional essay proofreading services online.

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