• Crafting A Thesis For A Synthesis Essay: Tips And Examples

    A synthesis essay is digestion of information and presentation in an organized way. This type of writing is used everywhere, in high school, college and even among businessmen. The process of writing is quite the same as all other writings. However, as it is a synthesis paper, you have to be careful with your thesis statement.

    Mainly, thesis statement consists of three parts:

    1. Identification of the topic in the form of a rhetoric question, or creatively to engage the readers;
    2. Identification of the topic among other authors;
    3. Clear statement of the similarities or/and differences in the two texts, or pieces of work and their importance for the topic of the essay.

    The thesis statement is created when you have enough information and data about the topic to properly answer the prompt. It should express a conclusion of everything you researched and of course it should be a leading idea that controls your essay. In other words, it states what you are going to discuss in your writing.

    Despite the explanation above, you are still struggling about your thesis statement. Well, here are several tips:

    • Make an argument related to the prompt that you will later discuss, defend and support.
    • Avoid your thesis statement to sound like an observation.
    • Let it be determining. The thesis statement should determine what you are saying later in the writing.
    • If there is a paragraph that does not relate to your thesis statement, either rewrite the thesis statement or get rid of that part that is irrelevant to the thesis.
    • Be as clear as possible. Do not wander around the topic. Be direct and concise.
    • It should give the answer to “What” and gives a clue for the answer of “Why”.
    • It gives the reader feeling that the topic has been explored in depth and you can defend your claim by facts and evidence.
    • It is the main idea of the whole writing.

    Here are several examples of how you can start your thesis statement:

    • Both authors argue that ….
    • While there are differences between these two authors, there are also similarities which prove that….
    • Looking back at the time of… and comparing the conditions of work with the time of…
    • Considering the opinions of the two authors…
    • Exploring the two articles, we can clearly say that…
    • When we look closely at the two papers…
    • All of these can be used to develop a good thesis statement and a good essay. However, depending on the idea your prompt suggests, keep close to that idea and make clear, concise and direct statement.

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