• Tips And Tricks On How To Write A Conclusion Of An Essay

    It is most important in writing the conclusion of an essay that you understand the purpose or function of that conclusion. Put simply, the conclusion is to repeat or re-state the thesis statement or the argument you created earlier in the essay. There is one thing which every conclusion must not include and that is new material. It is a summary of what has gone before and not the place to introduce something new.

    And while it is important to understand the function of a conclusion as being a summary of what has gone before, it is also important to understand that the conclusion needs to be an interesting piece of writing in itself. Sure it is connected to previous prose but it should be able to stand on its own two feet.

    Your conclusion is only as good as your previous writing

    If you have prepared well and written well in the introduction and body paragraphs of your essay, you greatly enhance your ability to write an excellent conclusion. If you are stuck for ideas or methodology as far as the writing of your conclusion is concerned, consider one or more of the following.

    • How significant have been the conclusions you've drawn in the writing of your essay?
    • What can the reader take from your essay as revealed in your conclusion?
    • What other issues relate to your essay that have not been expounded therein?
    • Is your essay a complete study of the topic?
    • What other aspects of the topic might be studied in future essays?

    It is most important that your conclusion mirrors the points you have made throughout your essay. It is there to endorse the points you have made previously. Sometimes you may come to write your conclusion and feel that something you have written in the body of the essay or even in the introduction is not quite as it should be. There's nothing wrong with that. Be prepared to go back and make changes to your essay so that what you plan to say in your conclusion gives serious support to your previous writing.

    It is a good idea to underline or highlight each point you make in your conclusion and then return to the introduction and main body of your essay just to check that everything is indeed present. Then you write a summary of all that you have explained beforehand.

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