• The Negative Effects Of Animal Experimentation

    Every year in America, more than one hundred million animals are burned, crippled, poisoned and abused. This happens in labs that manufacture drugs. It is important to also note that about 3% of all experimental drugs that are safe in animals have been tested dangerous in humans. This is because these drugs are usually very dangerous to humans. The law that enhances safety and rights of animals is called Animal Welfare Act (AWA). This act places penalties to people who abuse animals. However, companies that manufacture drugs are usually exempted from this law. Some of the most common used animals are: rats, mice, birds and reptiles. It is important to also note that up to 90% of all animals in the United States labs are not included in the total number of statistics of animals.

    The law also makes it compulsory for all products from China that comes to America to be tested on animals. Far away in Europe, the European Union banned all cosmetics that have been tested on animals in their jurisdiction. It is important to note that AWA does not protect all animals in America. According to the law, there should be no valid alternatives to animals despite their availability. According to the Humane Society, which is a non-profit fostering animal welfare, for a single pesticide to be approved, it should be tested more than 50 times. In all these times, an animal specimen is used. As if that’s not enough, in the cosmetic industry, animals such as rats and cats are subjected to a lot of skin and eye irritation tests. These tests are aimed at reducing the impacts on humans.

    When it comes to tests for cancer causing products, called carcinogens, the specimen which include animals are subjected into a dose of the product for two years. During this period, the product is administered to the animals to see if the product can cause cancer. Worse still, there are tests that require a pregnant animal to be killed so that the fetus can be tested.

    The irony in all this is that the end use of these products is suspicious. Some of the main products that are produced in this method are those that help to improve a laundry detergent. Another use is that of cleaning or removing make-up. The 3 Rs have been developed. The first R is to reduce the number of animals that are used as guinea pigs. The second R stands for refining the procedure to make it better. The third R is to replace the procedure that is used because it does a lot of harm in terms of human rights.

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