• 5 Strategies That Will Help You Write a Successful Essay

    If you don't like writing essays, tough. You have to do them. You have to write many essays during the course of your academic career. So you might as well get used to this fact and even better, you might as well learn some proven strategies which will help you make your essays successful. These are tried and tested activities. Be sincere and work hard. Put these strategies into practice and see just how well your writing improves.

    • Be absolutely rock solid in your thesis statement.
    • Less is more and particularly when it comes to the introduction.
    • Know the structure of your essay and stick to it rigidly.
    • Plenty of brainstorming and plenty of preparation.
    • Feedback from a variety of sources before you hand in your essay.

    Your thesis statement is the foundation stone of your essay. You can take as much time as is necessary in the creation of your thesis statement. It needs to be crystal clear. You need to be able to argue in support of your thesis statement throughout the entire essay. Make it a strong thesis statement and refer to it in all your evidence. This is an essential ingredient in creating a successful essay.

    You will be given a word count before you start to write your essay. Stick to it. If you have to write 1500 words on the topic, don't write to 3000 words. Not only would you not get extra marks for writing more than is required, you will in fact be penalized for not sticking to the rules. Less is more and particularly when it comes to your introduction. Get your thesis statement out there, tempt the reader to keep reading and get on with the rest of your essay.

    Your essay must have a structure. It is a blueprint for what you are about to write. Know the structure backwards. All the writing that takes place in your essay will be within the boundaries of your structure.

    Brainstorming is a marvelous tool to create a successful essay. Use this strategy at every opportunity. Use a friend or friends to get more ideas. Work through the ideas culling those which are not relevant. A good supply of ideas is essential.

    Ask others what they think of your work. Do this at different times. Friends, family and fellow students. Listen to what they say. If you think their suggestions will help your final essay, make the appropriate changes.

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