• How To Write An Amazing Essay Concluding Sentence Online

    The very last sentence should be the final words of the essay. And how the final words are chosen, is how strong, or elegant the essay will be thought of. Pulling the final line from the internet can offer some unique perspectives. This will be discussed in this article. As there are proper ways to do this.

    2. Reference
    3. Study
    4. Chart/Graph
    • Quotes
    • Ending the essay with a final famous quote that sums up the paper, can make readers think, and remember the essay. The point here is to make sure the quote fits the essay, and covers what the essay is saying. Some types this may not work well with, but others it could make it more dramatic. There are many quote sites out here; general, political, spiritual, and so on. Depending on the type of essay, that is being written, finding the right type of quote may be easy, to very hard. Such as an educational essay, might end with a famous quote on education, that supports the thought of the writer.

    • Reference
    • Using a final reference can also be a strong and thought provoking way to end an essay. Or maybe if the essay shows there are no clear answers yet found on a subject, then end with reference to two major studies that showed how two different researches came up with different conclusions. Such as the Afar Rift, producing two separate studies on whether Africa is splitting or not would show how the conclusion is still far from solved.

    • Study
    • This is very similar to the Reference, except the student wants to show more of a single study. They would want to use a study that supports the Students case, to show the validity of the essay. The student would want to make a quick finding statement of the study. If the student was doing an essay on Mitosis Deformation, they might cover how a research showed deformations in Chromosomes during mitosis.

    • Chart/Graph
    • Using a final chart or graph to prove a point and the last sentence outlining the figures, can end the essay with a major bang! This could be an excellent way to end a Business essay, showing how certain factors have an effect such as the essay had said. Or even a graph that has the same impact in a sociology essay showing how certain factors affect a society. Maybe ending a social disorder essay on; the Impact of Guns vs Drunk Drivers, with a graph showing various elements that prove the students' case.

    Always remember to include proper referencing of any of these ideas.

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