• How can I learn to write an essay on any topic – advice from experts

    Anybody can write an essay on any topic. School professors use them not to punish students, but to demonstrate that anything can be talked about. Essays show the world what you're made of, how much you know, what you think about a particular subject, and why you feel the way you feel. This is why elementary schools, colleges, universities, publishing companies, trader journals and entertainment channels all use essays to measure knowledge and issue different aspects of life.

    How can you write an essay on any topic? Here are some great expert tips that you can follow and use for everything:

    • Tip #1: Write something that interests YOU on the topic.
    • Are you interested in motorcycles? Do you like martial arts, or manta rays swimming in the ocean? Did you break up with a loved one, or did someone you know pass away? Have you always wanted to travel to another country? Have you ever been interested in higher math or other esoteric subjects? Did you know that “esoteric” means “not very well known”? Even if you're forced into a boring subject, you can find and pick something about it that interests you. Audiences can pick up on a theme that genuinely fascinates the writer, and their interest picks up.

    • Tip #2: Whether familiar or strange, introduce your topic.
    • Write a few sentences detailing something unusual about a familiar topic, or detailing something interesting about a strange one. Your readers may know what motorcycles are, but do they know what to do if you crash on one? Do your readers know that manta ray skin was used in the grip of Japanese swords for better control, and commercial use is one reason why they're being hunted to extinction today? Writing your sentences in the form of a question helps provoke your reader into reading the rest of your essay.

    • Tip #3: Right or wrong, express your opinion in the essay.
    • Readers also respond to strong sentiment about a topic you care about. Making a sentence like“The death penalty is wrong!” is short and sweet, but you'll have to back that up with facts and knowledge so readers don't dismiss what you're writing about. By filling your entire essay with emotion, you'll lay a framework of thought that may cause emotion in the reader itself. Whether this emotion is positive or negative, it's much better than only causing your readers to be bored.

    • Tip #4: Research what you write about.
    • Every essay, especially if they are about esoteric subjects, need to have at least a little proof of what you're talking about. Cite sources, create a small bibliography and provide footnotes for your readers to track down the topic information you provide. Doing this will enrich their experience and may even win you some converts to your viewpoint.

    By following these tips, you can write an essay on anything!

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