• How To Write An Argumentative Essay Following The Online Examples

    An argumentative essay is one which is required to research on both sides of a certain topic, take a stand on one of the sides and try to convince the reader on why the side chosen is the best. Seeing how the argumentative essay is not an essay that one can directly jump into.

    The following are the steps you need to take in order:

    • Research on the topic provided: If the topic is provided, one should take his/her time to go through the topic and conduct the relevant research required. If the time is limited, take your time to come up with relevant points for each side. If the topic is not provided, take your time to come up with a topic that you are totally comfortable with.
    • Choose whichever side to support: Assemble all the points you have on both sides and support the side with the points that you can easily elaborate. With this, you can move on to the next step.

    Actual writing of the essay

    • Introduction: You need to explain the topic in a general way to the reader. Explain the relevance of the topic to the reader, then proceed to present your thesis statement.
    • Body: Ensure you have a nice logical transition from the introduction to the body. Make sure the reader is able to follow you from the introduction to the body. A transition is supposed to wrap up the previous idea and introduce the next one.
      • Once that is over, you may begin discussing the ideas. It is advised to discuss only one idea per paragraph, as it ensures clarity of the essay and ensures the reader is able to follow. An idea may not necessarily be contained in one paragraph, some ideas may require more than one paragraph. The main idea here is not to mix up more than one idea in a paragraph.
      • Argumentative essays should also touch on the other side of the thesis. Thus depending on the length specified of the essay, one may include one or two paragraphs of differing opinion, but this should be done in a smart way.
    • Your essay should include some of the online examples, which can make your point clear to the reader. Examples can make your points easily understandable
    • The conclusion: This is the part of the essay that totally sells the topic. A good conclusion should not just contain the thesis statement, but should condense what you have written in the body of an essay. You should not introduce any new information in the conclusion. Restate the importance of the topic, followed by a review of the main points, and the thesis.
    • Proofread: The last bit is to proofread the essay and ensure there are no errors, and the paragraphs are in a proper logical order.

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