• How To Structure My Essay Properly: 5 Rules To Follow

    Knowing how to structure an essay properly will help you write a better essay.  If you know all the parts of an essay and know what should be in each part, then writing it will be a breeze.  There are some simple rules that you can follow that will show you the best way to structure your essay.

    5 Rules To Follow

    • Every essay has three parts, the introduction, body, and conclusion.  The introduction tells the reader what the essay is about and it has to have a strong opening sentence and a strong thesis statement.  Your body has to have main points that support your topic.  You should make a list of points and then narrow down them.  Three is usually go enough depending on the required word count of the essay, you might need more if the essay is longer.  The conclusion summarizes all the information of the essay and leave the reader thinking about the essay after they have finished reading it.
    • Each paragraph of your essay should have four elements in every paragraph.  The first is the statement; this is the main point of the paragraph that you are about to write.  The next is the explanation of the statement; give them the explanation on how it is true.  Then you want to give examples that will help support the evidence of the main point.  The last sentence should tell the importance of this point and then lead them into the next paragraph with a transition.
    • You essay should have a plan, this means making an outline using the structure of your essay that I gave you in the first rule and using the paragraph break down for the content of the essay.
    • After you have written your entire essay, it’s time to go back and revise and edit it.  Make sure you use the structure for the your paragraphs and essay I gave you to help you edit and revise it.  Ask yourself if your paragraphs have all the elements and that your essay is structured properly.  Also pay close attention to the grammar, sentence structure, and spelling, these are easy things to fix.
    • And lastly, you can practice doing essays.  You might not want to do this but practicing how to write essays will help you write the ones that you are assigned by your teacher.  Just pick a topic and use the rules on here and write an essay for practice.  Doing this will make writing essays that are graded easier and faster.

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