• Is It Ethical to Buy Essay Samples Online?

    Selling essays and essay samples is a huge industry nowadays. Many companies encourage using their services masterfully. They guarantee low prices, high quality, non-plagiarism and claim that every student should buy a paper at least once.

    A lot of students get caught by such an attraction. Very few of them think about the ethical side of the problem or feel guilty.

    What Are the Common Excuses and Why Are They Invalid?

    • “I just want to have an example”
    • Students often believe that they will not break any rules by buying a sample of the fulfilled assignment. It may only be so, if you don’t hand in the paper the way you got it. And the temptation is too big. In case the paper was really written by a professional, it may be of great quality. Reading such a sample may only discourage you. You may think that you can’t write anything better and give up. Or there is also another scenario. You may get too lazy and think that you don’t have to re-write what you have. However, the fact that you paid the money doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work anymore.

    • “It is not cheating”
    • Quite on the contrary, this is a form of plagiarism, which is a combination of stealing and lying. That is considered to be an academic crime, the punishment for which varies. In the worst case you may even get expelled. Think about it. Are you willing to risk your future for a single paper? Are you ready to commit a crime in order to get F in the end? Are cheating and lying the forms of your lifestyle, so you feel comfortable with it?

    • “My cheating does not affect anyone”
    • You may believe that buying samples is ethically wrong in general, but is not harmful and therefore can be tolerated. Then think about another ethical issue that is aroused. You put other students in painful position. Even the strongest works that were written by them may look weak compared to your bought sample. This cheapens their efforts significantly. Moreover, the constant use of such services may cause the unfair distribution of the grades. The possibility of getting in a prestigious university may be lost for them.

    Apart from this, consider how the ethical side of the question may affect you. The situations are quite common when a student pays a lot of money but gets a work of low quality. By all means this is unfair and unethical. However, you can’t do anything about it. The best advice is to avoid buying samples at all.

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