• Post 911 Effects on Muslim Americans

    Muslims continued to face religious and racial animosity even after September 11th in the American society. The negative stereotyping agitated by a negative attitude towards them led to increased racial and religious hatred in the United States. Abu-Ras noted that the federal Bureau of Investigation investigated and gave reports that there is an increase in the percentage is more than 1700 hate crimes  after 9/11. Muslim American were subject that treatment because they were a minority in terms religion and few. The cutting line between the Muslims and non-Muslims was majorly religion.

    The United States government came up with special programs meant to protect the Arabs, Muslims and South Asians against terrorism. But it was of great abuse when the policies missed the target as terrorism cases against the Muslims. There was great fear of the minority Muslims as anti-Muslim society declared a pervasive societal racism. There was a lot of immigration with terrorism; his period real evoked the American history.

    In 2002 and 2003, the Special Registration Programs gave a notice for all male noncitizens above the age of 16 from 25 international countries to register with the Department of Homeland and Security (DHS). Around 80000 people registered with the DHS, 13100 of them were put under deportation program, citing minor mistakes such as overstayed visas. Immigration department did a thorough scrutiny over the immigrant, and arrests made were not well understood circumstances as it has never happened. The activities of the Special Registration program were unclear and not transparent because of all the men whom they suspected no one had connections with terrorism.

    There existed many injustices on the Muslims as they were never listened to even in a court of law. The mistreatments went on based on the racial background. Anybody who was seen to have origins from the Middle East was doubted to be a terrorist and was likely to face trial. School heads reported that many students disappeared and went away with their families.

    In American history, at the time of national emergency, the security department targets a specific community on the sole basis of both religious and racial background even though they are innocent. They diminished the civil rights and liberties of the innocent Muslims in America who were not terrorists in order to guarantee national security. The discriminatory attacks that the government had to the Asian origin didn’t display a good picture on the role of the government to protect its people. Robert Asahina stated that the courts played a great role in validating the principle of racial discrimination against what is supposed to do: justice for all.

    The media broadcasted racial sentiments agitating for continued racial hatred between the American non-Muslim and the Muslims. The overall torture and attack the government-affiliated people did was so tormenting and caused psychological depression among the Muslim Americans. They were tortured, saying they went through the devastation and memories of harassment and news, government rules and regulations targeting this minority population. This attack is said to cause a positive impact on the Muslims through attending the mosque more often for spiritual sympathy. Those Americans who refused to join others against the Muslims are said to have undergone a series of anger and depression from their fellow Americans. The Muslim Americans are said to have nothing to but choose a crucial role on how to handle discrimination and harassment from Americans.

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