• Improving Your Writing Skills - How to Write a Critical Analysis Paper

    It is extremely difficult if not impossible to write a critical analysis paper unless you are fully aware of the material to be analyzed. Your task is to review what someone else has written and then give your opinion of that material. So before you do anything else you must read and then re-read the material you are to write a critical analysis about.

    Once you are familiar with the material, you should then make a list of all the main ideas or main points which have been made by the author. These are the keystones upon which your analysis will be based.

    If there is anything in the material you have read which is not clear or with which you are not familiar, do your homework. Look up the definition of any unknown words and make sure everything is crystal clear. You cannot write a decent analysis of something unless you are clear about its meaning.

    Let your own voice shine through

    When it comes to actually writing your critical analysis paper, it is most important that you use your own language. Yes, you are reviewing somebody else's language, but your commentary must be in your voice.

    And what sort of things should you look for when you are writing your analysis? What you need to look and see if the author is trying to entertain and if so using what methods or techniques.

    If the author has decided to appeal to the emotions of the reader of their material, how successful, in your opinion, has the writer been in this regard? Of course you also need to look at the nuts and bolts of the writing covering such things as was it clear, does it flow and is it believable?

    Two very good tips when it comes to writing your critical analysis paper is that less is more. You're better off selecting a small selection of mine points in the writing and writing your analysis of those viewpoints in some depth. Don't make the mistake of trying to write something about everything in the writing.

    And secondly try and make your analysis open to both the positive and negative aspects of the writing. Look for points which you feel deserve praise and then for other points which you feel deserve criticism. Always be able to substantiate your analysis.

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